PACT: Providing Accessible Clothing to Teens

PACT's Mission: 

"To promote leadership development and youth job training opportunities, while providing free clothing to Ventura County youth under the age of eighteen to increase personal self-esteem." 

Providing Accessible Clothing to Teens (PACT) is part of a community and resident-led  program through Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation (CEDC)'s Community Building division. This project promotes youth leadership development and social entrepreneurship opportunities, while serving as a free clothing closet for Ventura County youth under the age of eighteen. 

PACT Closet Hours and Location

We are currently looking for a permanent

space for our closet. In the meantime, call us or email us to set up an appointment to visit our closet at: Fillmore Central Station Apartments Community Room, 272 Main Street, Fillmore



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